When a space just needs to be given a new look, it often takes a new set of eyes.  elements design.build can plan a new colour scheme, rearrange furniture, and give a whole new fresh look.


~ Contemporary condo

This unique 2 story condo was created in the 1980's from a pair of studio apartments,  While the Modern style was timeless, with plenty of chrome and marble floors, it was looking tired and had lost it's bling.  The kitchen was freshened with a new counter, backsplash, ceiling grills, flooring, and door pulls,  New paint throughout brought Modernism into the 21st century.

(Please note, 'before' photos are in black & white.)


K_Freshen_1 K_Freshen_2 K_Freshen_3 K_Freshen_4 K_Freshen_5 K_Freshen_B4_1 K_Freshen_B4_2 K_Freshen_B4_3