elements design.build offers a full range of services, from basic consultation to complete project management.

Concept to Key

A full-service design company, working alongside Nemecek Custom Building enables elements to carry your project from development of the Concept to handing over the front door Key.  We work with a select group of architects, engineers, contractors and manufacturers to achieve creative and innovative solutions.

Each project is the compilation of many elements:

  1. Client consultation (continuous)
    1. Analyze client's needs and goals
    2. Develop and present preliminary design concepts

  2. Design development
    1. space planning
    2. wall, window, floor and ceiling treatments
    3. furnishings, fixtures, millwork, colour, finishes and hardware
    4. lighting, electrical and communications requirements
    5. develop art, accessory and graphic/signage

  3. Documents
    1. Budget schedules
    2. Working Drawings & Shop Drawings
    3. Permits
    4. Tendering awards

  4. Site Preparation/Demolition
  5. Construction & Installations
  6. Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing
  7. Millwork, Fixtures, Finishes
  8. Furnishings & Accessories