Our philosophy is that:

• Good design expresses the client. It meets their physical needs, but also their ‘felt’ (emotional) needs.  We respond emotionally to our surroundings, often unaware of the impact.  Good design lets you feel like you.  Good design says who you are.

• Good design is timeless. It will look as current in 20 years as it does today: style and function that go beyond the expected.  Good design does not blindly follow trends.

• Good design flows. Concepts, materials, colours, and traffic flowing easily throughout, highlighted by unique elements. Design doesn’t need to be complicated to be beautiful or functional.  Let less do more.

Listening to the client as they share their frustrations & their dreams opens a window into their world.

Clients often know their problem but do not have a good picture of the solution:

We want to build – what now?

This kitchen is so small I can’t move;

Can we add a bathroom anywhere?

We can’t relocate yet – where can we put more staff?

The goal of elements design.build is to design with function & style.

Our commitment is to work alongside our clients to not just meet the needs & taste of the client, but also to reflect the client themselves.